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greatspacedustbin asked:

Once you get this you must share 5 random facts about yourself. Then pass it on to your 10 favorite followers. No backsies. (◡‿◡✿)

Ok, let’s do this:

  • According to witnesses, I sleep talk a lot. Lately, I apparently said to my boyfriend “what the hell are you doing here” and “don’t touch me with that needle.”
  • Speaking of that, I’ve kept a dream journal since 2002, with a special chapter named “brain jukebox”, because I always wake up with a song or a quote from a movie in my head. The entries for the last three days: 1 2 3
  • I wrote this in 2010 at the end of my History studies. It’s about how books written specifically for reading education from 1881 to 1939 in France show recurring character types when describing families. And yes, I’m damn proud of it.
  • I have a supernumerary tooth in the palate.
  • I was born with crooked legs and feet, and for a long time, I had to wear special shoes. When my mum first gave me sandals (I was like 4), I had no idea that kind of footwear existed, so I asked her why she wanted me to wear “broken shoes with holes in them”.

insemzandtaya asked:

I'm sure you get this a lot, but you are awesome and you are one of my favorite art blogs!

Oh my god, my heart actually fluttered a little when I read this

You know what? I don’t get this a lot. You’re like the third or maybe fourth person to tell me so on Tumblr! Thank you! ♥

Also I never know how to answer to messages like this one. If it was irl, I’d probably try to hug you and it would be terribly awkward.

Doctor Who - Season 1 (1963-1964)

I was really curious about the original Doctor Who series, so I planned to watch a couple of old episodes from 1963, but honestly, I didn’t expect to like them that much. And, well, I watched the entirety of the very first season instead (apparently, the old show has “seasons” and the new one has “series”, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around that terminology).
So if you’re a bit like me and only watched NuWho so far, here are a few thoughts and recommandations.
An Unearthly Child - I won’t beat around the bush: the first episode (half an hour long) of the first serial is incredibly good TV. It still holds up well even 50 years later. It’s intriguing, funny, and well-written.
The episode already establishes a bunch of stuff. We’re introduced to Ian, Barbara, Susan and her weird grandfather, none other than the first Doctor. We see the TARDIS for the first time (the inside looks great), we learn the fact that the Doctor and Susan are not from the 21st century and possibly not human since they are cut off from their own planet, the fact that they travel in time and space… There’s also things that could be nice coincidences, like Ian wondering if the TARDIS is alive, or the name-dropping of a band named “John Smith and the Common Men”!
The next three episodes of the serial aren’t nearly as interesting, but there’s still a few scenes that made it worth watching.
The First Doctor is very much of an anti-hero at this point - his companions, Ian and Barbara, are literally abducted so they won’t tell anyone about the TARDIS. He doesn’t trust newcomers at all, is very secretive, stubborn, selfish and frequently irascible. But he starts to change after a few serials, thanks to his companions’ influence, and becomes happier, kinder and more inviting.
Ian and Barbara are very likeable, genuinely nice and caring, and the fact they’re teachers (science and history, respectively) mirrors the two main types of stories of this season neatly.
Susan is very intriguing in the first episode but turns out to be quite the generic damsel in distress later, which is a shame. Later stories, like The Sensorites, will give her some occasions to shine, though.
The Daleks - “What? Daleks? So soon?” was my first reaction, and I expected them to look even more ridiculous than today, and to be honest it’s kinda true, but there’s something a bit off in the way they move (they seem to slide on the floor) which make them look a lot creepier than they should be. Also, their city still looks great by today’s standards, full of strange, uncomfortable angles. The petrified forest at the beginning is an interesting concept too.
Unfortunately, that serial starts to drag a lot during the parts involving the rescue plan, and the Thals are not very convincing (they’re all caricatures and their goofy clothes don’t help).

Also, the Doctor is still a terrible person in this and is so curious about the alien city that he endangers everyone willingly just to have a closer look. It should make him unlikeable… but it’s really entertaining to watch. He’s so childish about it too.

Long story short, it’s a lot longer than it should be (far too many scenes of capture + escape), but it’s still very good. I love the escape plan from the prison cell in the third episode.



The edge of destruction - That’s the “light” story of the first season, and it contains very weird things (everyone is acting strangely for a while, especially Susan, but it could be caused by cabin fever) and things that simply don’t work (sorry but a melting clock isn’t worthy of an ear-piercing scream). But I love the simplicity of the ending (a loose spring, really?), and it contains the first real hints of sentience from the TARDIS. Also, the Doctor finally realises, thanks to Barbara, that he’s behaving like a jerk, and apologises at last. His attitude improves greatly in the next serials.

Also, there’s this awesome little speech : "We’re at the very beginning, the new start of a solar system. Outside, the atoms are rushing towards each other. Fusing, coagulating, until minute little collections of matter are created. And so the process goes on, and on until dust is formed. Dust then becomes solid entity. A new birth, of a sun and its planets."

I’d say it’s a recommended watch too, despite its flaws, because there’s great character development in the end. Also, it’s proof that Ian and Barbara are great companions. Besides, it’s not very long (only two twenty-minutes episodes), so you have no excuses.

Marco Polo - All the episodes are missing for this one, which is terribly frustrating since all the pictures available for it feature really impressive costumes and sets, and considering how good the next “historical” serial is, it’s a real shame.
The keys of Marinus - Ok, so this is probably the first season at its worst. Basically, it’s a fetch quest, and at first it’s not that bad: the ideas are good (an acid sea turning the sand into glass? Awesome!) and the story itself is ambitious, since it shows many different regions of the same world. Unfortunately, the different places are a bit too different from one another, there’s really terrible monster costumes (the Voord), and despite a few good parts, it’s overall not very compelling. AND IT’S FAR TOO LONG (especially the trial). I’d say skip this one.
There’s an hilarious quote at the very beginning, though, and I have no idea if it’s just Hartnell forgetting his lines (oh yeah, I didn’t talk about that before, but that happens a LOT) or something made on purpose (“It isn’t frozen, is it?” (the sea) “no, impossible in this temperature… besides, it’s too warm…”).

The Aztecs - I *love* this serial! Nice balance of comedy and drama, beautiful costumes, good acting, and almost perfect pacing. Tlotoxl (the manipulative priest who’s got a point, actually, because the main characters ARE endangering the Aztecs) is a great vilain and he’s quite funny to watch too. It’s a great take on the consequences of time travel, and almost none of the main characters end up doing 100% right things (Barbara tries to make things right, but constantly lies in the process, unvolontarily leads a man to suicide and threatens to kill another one ; the Doctor helps someone win a fight by cheating for his own personal gain and manipulates someone else who clearly likes him ; Susan openly dismisses the Aztecs’ culture and puts everyone’s life in danger by stopping a sacrifice…).
There’s also a couple of very familiar elements in this story for anyone who watched the new Series too, like the idea that it’s a bad thing to try to change history… oh, and the Doctor gets accidentally engaged just because he wanted to drink some cocoa. No, really. That scene is priceless.
It’s the best story in the whole season, in my opinion, and it’s a must see.


The Sensorites - Of all the stories set in the future and/or on other planets in this first season, I’d say this one works the best, and now I’m prepared to hear dozens of people groaning that I’m a stupid new fan who doesn’t know any better and that The Daleks is a masterpiece. Bring it on.

The setting is the most intriguing so far, with the TARDIS travellers landing inside a ship orbitting another planet and finding the crew slowly driven insane by the Sensorites, the inhabitants of said planet. But then, it turns out they’re simply afraid of humans, for a lot of reasons I won’t detail here but make total sense. It’s a lot more nuanced than the Daleks story, the alien species totally works because they have a culture and customs (also the masks are a bit unsettling and they still work well by today standards, in my opinion), the sets and the lighting are great, the slow pace works for once, and it shows Susan at her best since the first episode (telepathy!).

Also, there’s a lot of awesome little scenes, like this one at the very beginning of the first episode, which shows how much the TARDIS crew evolved during the last serials.



The Reign of Terror - There’s two missing episodes in this one, but that shouldn’t stop you from watching it anyway if you want to.

The very beginning made me laugh out loud like an idiot because the childish side of the First Doctor shows again. You see, Ian suggested the Doctor had no idea how to fly the TARDIS, and he’s so upset about it that he tries to bring Ian and Barbara back to their time period immediately, but he fails so hard to do so that they land in France during the Terror instead. Good job.

This is another story which is a bit too long (the plot doesn’t advance at all for a while and there’s a lot of filler) AND yet another capture/escape/capture/escape plot. There’s noticeably bad performances from secondary characters (oh god, the shopkeeper, don’t get me started on this one). Also it shows Susan at her most annoying, so yep, be warned.

There’s a great scene in the end though, with Ian and Barbara laughing about people running around trying to prevent things that they know will happen (like Robespierre getting executed), and they’re both like “why bother?”

Overall, it’s not bad, but you can skip it because it’s not very compelling.


Final opinion on Season 1 - Despite a lot of filler in some stories and the weakness of some of the plots, it’s a very strong first season. There’s important character development for most of the characters, except for Susan (I’m not going to lie, I hope she won’t stay long), and it’s a good surprise to see how well some episodes hold up 50 years later.

Favorite episodes:

The Sensorites

The Aztecs

An Unearthly Child (first part only)

Small watercolor paintings based on screencaps from the Doctor Who episode The Christmas Invasion (Season 2, christmas special). They were made during lunch breaks at my work (the first and third ones were finished at home, though).

I really like the fact that this episode echoes the viewers’ questions: is this guy still the Doctor? Is he reliable like the previous one? What do they have in common?

1-Stand your ground, Rose. You too, Harriet Jones. You go girls.
3-Ten, in a nutshell. Don’tmakeametaphorwiththepapercrownpleasedon’tmakeametaphorwithit

I’ve just discovered how many people dislike or downright hate what Moffat has done with Doctor Who, and while I actually agree on most of the points they make (the rampant sexism, the fact that the companions don’t feel like real people, the near-total lack of consequences, River Song’s arc, Eleven portrayed as a hero despite the fact that, for the most part, he’s a horrible person), I still find the last seasons interesting, if less enjoyable than, say, season 4.

And I’d like, I’d really like to write a post explaining, precisely, why I think Eleven is a fascinating character ; long story short, I think that the Doctor is slowly becoming some sort of vilainous hero, despite the fact that it’s probably completely unintentional on the writer’s part (since he still portrays his actions as heroic).

The problem is that English is not my first language, and it would take a billion hours for me to try to write down something coherent.

I’ll probably try to draw something about it, since it’s my only mean of expression.

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